Building a high quality health system

    We seek to provide and guarantee the quality of comprehensive, integrated, preventive and curative care for all citizens in accordance with international standards.

    Expanded routine immunization program

    Hama Health Directorate carries out the vaccination campaigns in Hama governorate and supervises them and the functioning of the work properly and conform to international standards.

    Health Care

    We provide primary health care through health centers and mobile clinics in the province

    Rapid Response Team

    The team responds to forced displacement waves and emergencies and provides the necessary health care.

    Targeting medical personnel

    One of the most prominent challenges facing the medical sector in Hama is the depletion of medical staff and ambulance personnel due to the continuous and deliberate shelling of medical facilities and ambulances.

    Cave Hospitals

    Building cave hospitals to protect medical staff and patients from shelling of medical facilities. Hama Health Directorate has implemented 6 cave hospitals.

    Capacity-building and training

    Developing the skills of the staff in the medical and administrative fields and raising their efficiency to improve the knowledge base and the necessary practical skills

    Medical and health situation in the early phases of establishment

    The task of doctors was to treat the victims of demonstrations targeted by the bullets of the Syrian security forces، The beginning of medical work was in cellars or places hidden from security forces In private hospitals secretly and at great risk, With the transformation of the movement into a military conflict, Hospitals played a major role in helping the war-wounded of the Syrian people

    With the long period of the crisis and the deterioration of the economic situation of citizens it was necessary to create a free medical service to treat all citizens. Hospitals and health centers serving all segments of the society such as war wounded or health care patients were created.

    Most of the staff that have split from Al-Assad Regime and joined to this medical system.

    Hospitals and health centers were the main target of the Syrian regime’s warplanes for cities and areas beyond its control and were at the top of the list of military targets, the same as schools, bakehouses and assembly places, with the aim of destroying infrastructure.

    Establishment phase

    – The Medical Office was established within the Revolutionary Movement Authority in October 2011.
    – The Medical Authority of Hama Governorate was established at the end of 2012. It was accredited by Hama Governorate Council as an official body for the implementation and administration of medical activities in the province.
    -Meetings were held for medical personnel (pharmacists, doctors , nurses and medical students who couldn’t continue their studies) from different parts of Hama Governorate.
    -Hama Health Directorate was established on 21/4-2014.
    -Hama Health Directorate was approved under the name of “Hama Free Health Directorate” as the sole medical reference authority in Hama governorate in the fourth month 2014 by the Ministry of Health in the Syrian Interim Government.
    -Hama governorate has a special field situation because of the presence of several fronts for the conflict on large areas, The Directorate of Free Health in Hama is the only organization that manages medical institutions in the governorate. It is the only institution that is approved by international organizations and institutions where the final name of the Directorate has been adopted to be “Hama Health Directorate”.

    Directorate News

      Directorate News
      2 days ago

      The regime and its allies continue to target health facilities … most recently, Kafr Zeita Health Center

      On Wednesday morning 8/5/2019, Russian warplanes targeted Kafr Zeita Health Center in Hama northern countryside, causing the destruction of parts…
      Directorate News
      4 days ago

      Targetting the Surgical Unit in Kafr Zeita getting it out of service

      On Sunday 5/5/2019, Russian warplanes and helicopters targeted the surgical unit in Kafr Zita with missiles and explosive barrels directly…
      Directorate News
      7 days ago

      The heavy shelling gets medical facilities out of service and others suspended and causing a major wave of displacement

      The heavy shelling continues on several areas of Hama and Idlib Countrysides by the Syrian Regime and its allies causing…
      Directorate News
      2 weeks ago

      Russian Aviation Targets Two Hospitals in Hama in Less Than 24 Hours

      On Sunday evening, Russian warplanes targeted Al-Latamena Surgical Hospital in Hama Northern Countryside directly by a number of air strikes…
      Directorate News
      2 weeks ago

      Military Aviation Targets Specialist Hospital 111 and Gets it out of Service

      After Saturday midnight, Russian warplanes targeted the Specialist Hospital 111 for Gyne and Pediatrics, located in the north-western countryside of…









      Minor surgeries





      Our Projects

        7 April، 2019


        KEY FACTS ·         PRIMARY HEALTH CARE CAN COVER THE MAJORITY OF A PERSON’S HEALTH NEEDS THROUGHOUT THEIR LIFE INCLUDING PREVENTION, TREATMENT, REHABILITATION AND PALLIATIVE CARE. ·         AT LEAST HALF OF THE WORLD’S PEOPLE STILL LACK FULL COVERAGE OF ESSENTIAL HEALTH SERVICES. ·         A FIT-FOR-PURPOSE WORKFORCE IS ESSENTIAL TO DELIVER PRIMARY HEALTH CARE, YET THE WORLD HAS AN ESTIMATED SHORTFALL OF 18 MILLION HEALTH WORKERS. ·         OF THE 30 COUNTRIES FOR WHICH DATA ARE AVAILABLE, ONLY 8 SPEND AT LEAST US$ 40 PER PERSON ON PRIMARY HEALTH CARE PER YEAR. WHAT IS PRIMARY HEALTH CARE? Primary health care is a whole-of-society approach to health and well-being centred on the needs and preferences of individuals, families and communities.  It addresses the broader determinants of health and focuses on the comprehensive and interrelated aspects of physical, mental and social health and wellbeing. It provides whole-person care for health needs throughout the lifespan, not just for a set of specific diseases. Primary health care ensures people receive comprehensive care – ranging from promotion and…
        19 November، 2018

        Ambulance Systems

        Within Hama Health Directorate, there is an ambulance system consisting of (5) ambulances that are in full readiness working in…
        19 November، 2018

        Vaccination Centers

        There are 6 fixed vaccination centers in Hama Governorate; (4) in the north-western Hama countryside and two in  Ma’arat al-Nu’man…
        19 November، 2018


        Providing health and therapeutic services in our hospitals as well as physical and psychological rehabilitation programs.
        19 November، 2018

        Hama Health Directorate Opens an Important Health Center in Al-Gab District

        Primary Health Care Department Today, on Monday, 05-11-2018, Hama Health Directorate opened the Middle Gab Health Center in Al-Gab area…
        19 November، 2018

        Health Centers

        Provide NCD & CD care services, child care services, nutrition services, and reproductive health services.

        Medical News