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12 medical facilities in Hama have been shelled since the beginning of the military campaign

On Saturday dawn 11-05-2019, Al-Sham Central Hospital of Hama Health Directorate was directly targeted by Russian warplanes with high-explosive missiles, causing extensive damage to hospital departments, the ambulance ward and some facilities of the hospital without causing human casualties. Work in the hospital has been stopped and the hospital was declared out of service.

on Saturday, Specialist Hospital 112 for Gyne and Pediatrics was also shelled with missiles by a Russian warplane that seriously damaged the building of the hospital without causing any casualties.

Russian warplanes also targeted the Middle Gab Health Center for the second time destroying it almost completely. The Center was targeted a week ago with explosive barrels by helicopters.

The number of medical facilities of Hama Health Directorate which have been targeted by the Syrian regime and its allies since 28 April has reached 12 health facilities:

5 hospitals, 2 surgical units and 5 primary health care centers.

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