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As part of its plan to equip the Specialist Hospital 112 … Hama Health Directorate delivers the hospital a generator and medical consumables

The Supply Department at Hama Health Directorate
delivered the Specialist Hospital 112 for Gyne and Pediatrics a 50 KVA electric generator and medical consumables to equip the operations rooms and the ambulance department in preparation for the opening of the hospital in the very near future

Hama Health Directorate developed a prior plan for equipping the hospital through the restoration of the building, the processing of its sections and staffing it with qualified medical personnel in addition to providing the hospital with modern equipment and devices

The hospital, which is placed in the Middle Gab Region, fills a secondary health care gap that the region lacks even before the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution. It is an important medical achievement for the people of the region, as it saves a lot of money and effort for the people of the region


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