-Hama Health Directorate Information:

– Hama Health Directorate was approved under the name of “Hama Free Health Directorate” as the sole medical reference authority in Hama Governorate in April 2014 by the Ministry of Health in the Syrian Interim Government.

– Hama Governorate has a special field situation because of the presence of several frontlines of the conflict on large areas, The Directorate of Free Health in Hama is the only organization that manages medical institutions in the governorate. It is the only institution that is approved by international organizations and institutions. The final name of the Directorate has been adopted to be   “Hama Health Directorate”.

– The main task of the Directorate is to manage medical and health issues in the governorate at all levels in cooperation with all organizations and authorities, to provide all the medical needs of citizens and civilians in the governorate and to supervise the work of hospitals and medical centers and coordinating between them. Hama Health Directorate seeks to provide comprehensive and integrated preventive and curative care, capacity building, training and health education for all citizens according to international standards. It also focuses on safety and professionalism in all medical and non-medical procedures.

Vision and Objectives:

One of the most prominent objectives of Hama Health Directorate is to upgrade the medical work in the governorate to the highest levels and advanced technology, to progress in hospitals and health centers and to develop them to the highest levels in accordance with WHO and international organizations standards. Furthermore, the Directorate is seeking to develop the capabilities of medical and non-medical staff to be the main reserve for medical work and working to protect and prevent draining them. It also tries to attract rare specialties and encourage them to work within the governorate  to achieve an integrated health reality in the governorate.


Excellence: We will seek to improve the ability of the reviewers to access to the necessary care and to ensure the quality and safety of their care.
Teamwork: We encourage teamwork to improve the quality of work.
Accessibility: Easy access to our institutions
Learning encouragement : We strongly support learning.
Respect: respect for all (officials, colleagues and reviewers)
Development: open to new ideas and opportunities.

Main Objectives:

-Improving health quality governance and patient safety
-Working to providing high standards quality.
-Focusing work on ethical and confidential values.
-Developing high standards of understanding and cooperation among the staff of the Health Directorate and colleagues in the medical field.
-Activate the accountability system
– Developing effective programs for constant quality improvement and raising performance
-Work to accommodate all medical staff with certificates in medical facilities

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