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Escalation of artillery and rocket shelling on Hama Countryside leaving martyrs and wounded

On Wednesday, the Regime and its allies escalated artillery and rocket shelling on the villages of Hama Countryside in general and Al_Gab Plain, in particular, leaving four civilian martyrs, including children and a number of wounded. The cities, towns, and villages of Al-Ankawi, Al-Madiq Castle, Al-Shariah, Al-Hawiz, Al-Hawija, Al-Hawash, Murek, the outskirts of Kafr Zeita, al-Sakher, Al-Jaysat, Al-Jabriya, al-Sahriya, Tel-Hawash, Shahranaz, and Jisr Beit Al-Ras were also under artillery, rocket, mortar and tank shelling. The Administration of the Specialist Hospital 112 in the Middle Gab confirmed the increase in the death toll to three in Al-Hawija village and more than 13 civilians wounded. Some of them are in critical cases. First aid was provided to the wounded and they were transferred to other specialized hospitals. The Hospital Administration noted the significant shortage of medical consumables in the Ambulance Department and Scarcity of medicines with the arrival of large numbers of wounded at once.

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