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Escalation of bombardment on the areas of Hama and Idlib leading to dozens of civilian casualties

The death toll of civilian martyrs in Idlib and Hama Countryside on Monday reached 17 martyrs, mostly children and women, as a result of the continuation of the systematic bombing campaign by Russia and the Regime against civilians, amid the silence of the entire world.

The Russian warplanes and the Regime’s warplanes and helicopters escalated the aerial bombardment today on the cities and towns of Hama and Idlib Countryside from Ariha in the north to the villages and towns of al-Zawiyeh Mount and Idlib Southern Countryside up to Khan Sheikun and areas of Al-Gab Plain and Hama Countryside, making more than 200 raids and barrels since morning hours resulting in ten martyrs and dozens injured.

These areas were bombed by the most deadly weapons that are classified as internationally-banned weapons including burning phosphorus and cluster-loaded rockets.

Assad’s forces including warplanes and rocket launchers with evident Russian support follow a systematic policy of genocide of civilians across Idlib Southern Countryside focusing on bombing major markets, cities, and communities and displacing thousands of their homes.

Hama Health Directorate provides emergency services and transfer the wounded and injured to hospitals in the Syrian North through ambulance crews. Recently, the Directorate reopened the surgical units in the areas of Idlib Southern Countryside in order to provide emergency services to the injured.

Hama Health Directorate seeks to provide secondary health care services, general surgical services, and first aid services after targeting most hospitals in the region during the recent military campaign launched by the Regime.

Hama Health Directorate in cooperation with Idlib Health Directorate began a plan to reactivate the health centers and hospitals in the locations of the displaced people from the areas of Hama countryside and Idlib southern countryside in order to fill the health gaps and continue the provision of health services to all civilians.


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