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Hama Health Directorate in cooperation with SAMS conducts NCD training course

Within the constant collaboration between SAMS and the Health Directorates, Hama Health Directorate organized, with the support and cooperation of SAMS, a training course for non-communicable diseases (NCD), targeting 20 trainees of Hama medical staff. The trainers were Dr. Waseem Zakaria and Mulham Salfo.

The course dealt with the study of chronic diseases (stress, diabetes, asthma, heart disease), procedures to deal with high arterial pressure and heart failure, and ischaemic heart disease, as well as clinical cases in diabetes and asthma.

The course lasted three days last week. It was held at Idlib Health Directorate. At the end of the course , a written evaluation of the training and a final exam were conducted to determine the extent to which the trainees benefited.

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