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Hama Health Directorate reopens health centers to provide health services for civilians and displaced persons in displacement sites

On Thursday, Hama Health Directorate opened 4 primary health care centers in IDPs sites in the north of Syria as part of a plan developed by Hama Health Directorate to provide primary health care services to the displaced from their towns and villages in Hama Countryside and Idlib Southern Countryside as well as the population of the region.

Hama Health Directorate reopened three forward surgical units in Hama Northern Countryside and Idlib Southern Countryside in order to provide surgical and ambulatory services to the patients and the injured.

Hama Health Directorate seeks to provide secondary health care services, general surgical services, and first aid services after targeting most hospitals in the region during the recent military campaign launched by the Regime.

The work and the location of the surgical units have been moved from Hama Northern Countryside to the southern countryside of Idlib because they were targeted by the Regime’s forces and their allies. They continue to provide ambulance services to the civilians in the region which is under indiscriminate bombing by the Regime’s forces and its allies

Hama Health Directorate seeks ,in coordination with Idlib Health Directorate and medical partners, to reactivate its facilities that have been targeted or that have suspended work in the sites of the displaced persons in the North.

The Secondary and Primary Health Care Departments at Hama Health Directorate and Idlib Health Directorate have conducted field visits to the sites of the displaced persons in Idlib Northern Countryside in order to reactivate the health facilities to provide services to our people fleeing from bombing and targeting. Statistics show that about 375,000 people have been displaced from Idlib Southern Countryside and Hama Northern and Western Countryside as a result of the barbaric bombing campaign on the region by the Regime’s forces and their Russian allies, which is still continuing since the second of last February.

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