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Hama Immunization Group continues its preparations for the measles and rubella vaccination campaign

Within the ongoing preparations for the measles and rubella vaccination campaign, which will be launched on Saturday 3/11/2018 until 19/11/2018, the Immunization Department at Hama Health Directorate in cooperation with Syrian Immunization Group continues its intensive training of the vaccination teams. The community mobilization team also continues its activities in preparation to launch the campaign with the participation of the White Helmets.

This campaign is the second of its kind this year and the first to target all children and teenagers between 5 and 15 years. It is characterized by targeting school students to include the wider segment, and is also mobile to the communities in accredited centers.

Measles is known as a highly contagious viral disease and is one of the most dangerous childhood diseases. In advanced cases, it leads to inflammation of the brain, middle ear and lung, leading to blindness and death. It is transmitted through the nasal and pharyngeal secretions with direct contact, and there is no qualitative treatment.


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