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HHD holds a meeting with Hama Referral System staff to explain the working mechanism within the new project

Hama Health Directorate held a meeting with the staff of the Referral System Network in Hama to develop a work plan for the new project, divide tasks and explain the working mechanism.

The Referral Network includes 5 ambulances for emergency transport and 3 ambulances for normal transport distributed to 14 health facilities within the network.


The Referral System Project

It is one of the important and sustainable strategic projects supported by the World Health Organization and implemented by Hama Health Directorate in partnership with the Syrian Relief and Development Organization (SRD)

The Referral System

It is the system through which all the operations related to the transfer of patients between health facilities, whether within Hama Referral Network or outside of it to the rest of referral networks or other health facilities. The patients are transferred from these facilities and centers that provide primary care services and basic medical services to specialized centers and hospitals.

The referral in the health facility is:

All the operations and procedures performed by the health facility that the case is transferred from to transfer the patient and transport them to the facility that the case is transferred to, which provides the required medical service for the patient.

These include:

Coordination, documentation, and transportation.


Communication is through a contact group that includes communication officials from all the health facilities included in the Referral Network. When any patient checks in a health center or facility that does not have the required medical service, the focal point at the center will coordinate and communicate through the contact group to determine which facility the patient will be referred to where the required medical service is available at the right time and place, and coordinate the transfer of the patient to receive the required medical service.


All patients referral operations through the Referral Network are documented in detail by a documentation team that stores this information in a daily, weekly and monthly electronic record, in addition to keeping copies of the referral operations that are archived in three copies; a copy in the facility that the case is transferred from, a copy in the facility that the case is transferred to, and a copy remains in the patient’s health file.


It is the most important part of the Referral System. In Hama Referral Network, there are two types of transport:

Normal Transportation:

Through which normal cases are transported. It includes 3 normal transport ambulances distributed to three routes including all the facilities in the network.

Emergency Transportation:

Through which emergency cases are transported including combat injuries, accidents, births, and others. It includes 5 emergency transport ambulances fully equipped with crews and equipment. The ambulances are distributed geographically according to the distribution of the areas of Hama Countryside and the distribution of health facilities in them and they operate 24 hours a day.


The General Objective of the Referral System:

Providing the best medical service to the patient through the safe transport of patients between health facilities to improve medical services and develop a better health situation.

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