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How to file a complaint / note / suggstion

How to file a complaint / note / suggstion

In accordance with our commitment to consistently improve the quality of services provided to our people in Syria, we are committed to taking their opinions and suggestions, responding to them, receiving their complaints and feedback, and working to solve them

All the clients and beneficiaries of the medical services in the facilities of Hama Health Directorate can submit complaints, notes and suggestions in one of the following ways

Send a message or call via What’s App to the complaints section at Hama Health Directorate – 00963940825452

Send a message to the complaints section via e-mail:

[email protected]

Submit the complaint directly to the Quality Control Department at Hama Health Directorate by reviewing the employee responsible for receiving complaints in the Directorate building

Complaints will be followed-up and solved as soon as possible

Thanks for your cooperation

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