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Meeting between Health Directorates and Civil Defense to coordinate efforts and face difficulties

On Tuesday, 11/06/2019, representatives of the Syrian Health Directorates (Idlib-Hama-Aleppo-Al-Sahel) held a expanded meeting with the Civil Defense to discuss the current developments. This meeting is within the framework of consolidating efforts and visions on the difficult field situation in the whole of North Syria and the major difficulties facing civilians and the high wave of displacement in light of the fierce attack by Russian warplanes and explosive barrels targeting both medical institutions and Civil Defense centers.

The meeting included several points, the most important of which were: joining efforts, enhancing the capacities of ambulance, coordinating to train emergency personnel and identify roles in the case of chemical attack, in addition to technical coordination and communication, development of a comprehensive medical map, neutralizing the routes of ambulance systems and how to face the challenges and difficulties facing medical and humanitarian work .

The two sides also emphasized the need for joint coordination between the Health Directorates and Civil Defense and the need to join the efforts of ambulance and emergency at the level of the liberated areas, which gives strength to the health institution in the liberated areas.

It is noted that Hama Health Directorate has constant cooperation and coordination with the Civil Defense and holds regular meetings in order to overcome difficulties and coordinate efforts and work.

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