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Photos: The Activities of the Preparatory Conference for the Medical Sector in Hama Governorate

Based on the invitation sent by the Board of Trustees in Hama Health Directorate and Hama Health Director to hold a preparatory conference in preparation for holding the General Conference of the Health Sector in Hama, which aims to form and elect a Board of Trustees of Hama Health Directorate, the preparatory conference was held on Friday 12-04-2019 and was attended by more than 75 medical personnel of Hama Governorate (doctors, pharmacists, dentists, representatives of nurses and technicians in the health sector).

During the conference, opinions were exchanged and ideas were discussed. Criteria for electing the Board of Trustees were chosen to suit the current phase considering the principles of humanitarian work primarily neutrality and independence as well as continuing the Directorate’s work to organize and develop medical work in all facilities to provide the best medical service to displaced civilians and local residents. It also aims to improve medical work in the Governorate to the highest levels and use the latest technologies and upgrade hospitals and health centers and develop them to the best in accordance with international health standards and international organizations, complementing the work of the other health directorates to cover conflict zones in Northern Syria.


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