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Russian Aviation Targets Two Hospitals in Hama in Less Than 24 Hours

On Sunday evening, Russian warplanes targeted Al-Latamena Surgical Hospital in Hama Northern Countryside directly by a number of air strikes with high-explosive vacuum and concussive missiles. The targeting caused major damage to most of the hospital’s sections, cracking in the engineering structure of the hospital and damaged the ambulance vehicle without causing casualties to the patients and medical staff working in the hospital.

Hama Health Directorate and the hospital administration announce it out of service. This is the second hospital being directly targeted today by the Russian warplanes. The hospital provides emergency services and includes a surgical department and a pharmacy to provide medical services in Hama Northern Countryside.

The Russian warplanes had targeted at the dawn of Sunday the Specialist Hospital 111 for Gyne and Pediatrics getting it out of service.

Health facilities being out of service means the cessation of providing medical services to civilians in most areas of the northern and north-western Hama Countryside. The increase in attacks recently has caused a large wave of displacement of thousands of residents of the region to seek refuge and protect their families.

The Regime and its allies have been escalating targeting on the northern and the north-western areas of Hama Countryside since early February leaving dozens of civilians dead and wounded. Repeated targeting of medical facilities, medical personnel, and ambulance teams makes it very difficult to provide first aid and medical services to civilians as well as the transfer of the sick and wounded.

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