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Targetting the Surgical Unit in Kafr Zeita getting it out of service

On Sunday 5/5/2019, Russian warplanes and helicopters targeted the surgical unit in Kafr Zita with missiles and explosive barrels directly causing serious damage to the hospital and the fortified engineering structure without any casualties.

Therefore, Hama Health Directorate declares that the hospital is completely out of service.

Earlier today, warplanes targeted Termala Hospital without causing casualties of medical personnel.
The Regime’s forces and its allies had earlier targeted two hospitals, a surgical unit, and two health centers and got them completely out of service.

The health situation in the northern and western countryside of Hama and the southern countryside of Idlib has become very difficult with most health facilities out of service and the constant targeting of medical personnel and ambulance teams.

We at Hama Health Directorate affirm on the protection of medical personnel and facilities from shelling and targeting and neutralizing them from the conflict. We assert that we are a humanitarian institution providing medical services to civilians.

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