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The General Conference of the Health Sector in Hama and the Election of the Board of Trustees

On Saturday 20 April 2019, The General Conference of the Health Sector in Hama was held and was attended by more than 100 medical staff (doctors, pharmacists, dentists, representatives of health workers) and representatives of local and international medical and humanitarian organizations working in the North of Syria.

During the conference, an explanatory presentation was made about the Preparatory Conference held on 12-4-2019 and the terms, conditions, and criteria agreed upon for selecting the Board of Trustees, the Health Director, the electoral paper and the method of election. Then, a presentation was made to review the history of medical work in Hama Governorate and its gradients over previous years. The Directorate’s medical achievements in the liberated areas, the sacrifices and the efforts made by the various medical personnel to serve the people and to achieve medical self-sufficiency under current situations were mentioned.

About the electoral mechanism, Dr. Ahmed Al-Dbees, the facilitator of the conference and the security and safety officer at UOSSM, said: “During the conference, the mechanism of the electoral process was explained, the election supervision committee was chosen, the counting of votes and the announcement of the results were done by a group of representatives of the organizations. The electoral process was conducted in a transparent and independent manner. After the completion of the electoral process and the counting of votes, the results were announced and 11 members for the Board of Trustees were chosen by the highest votes from each sector.

Based on the election results, the members of the Board of Trustees are:

(Dr. Amjad Al-Sattouf – Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mohammed – Dr. Abdulhamid Kaddour – Dr. Osama Al-Shami – Dr. Naseeh Al-Ghawi – Dr. Talha Khattab – Dr. Hasan Hamoud – Dr. Hasan Hamidi – Dr. Aslan Hamid – Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Ali – Dr. Walaa Al-Masri).

About the functions of the Board of Trustees, Al-Dbees said: “One of the functions of The Board of Trustees of Hama Health Directorate is to propose the announcement of the vacancy of Hama Health Director in accordance with the Human Resources Policy at the Health Directorate and the criteria identified in the Preparatory Conference.”

It is worth mentioning that this electoral process is the first experiment of its kind in the health sector in Hama, in terms of representation and attendance of most of the medical personnel working in the Governorate.

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