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The Health Institute in Hama … a step to provide the region with scientifically qualified medical personnel

Hama Health Directorate launched the Health Institute in Hama to rehabilitate the experienced nurses working in the health facilities and do not have a certificate. This comes within the framework of Hama Health Directorate to improve the health situation in the governorate and to upgrade the level of nursing practice in our medical facilities. It is important to provide the region with qualified medical personnel necessary to face daily challenges. The Institute aims to qualify the experienced nurses and increase their practical experience they have through their work in health facilities.

The study will be conducted at the training center of Hama Health Directorate within a two-semester study program in both theoretical and practical fields. The first day started on 28/11/2018. The students will receive a certificate nurse assistant certified by Hama Health Directorate and the Ministry of Health and approved within the employment sector.  The Institute has the possibility of development within future vision being currently assessed so it becomes for two years after the completion of the primary objective of qualifying these personnel academically.

The Institute has a unique teaching staff, and a curriculum designed to suit the target group of the Institute.

This step came in accordance with a scientific objective to end a field problem that causes obsession to experienced nurses who worked for years in the facilities of the health sector in the governorate and have not completed their studies. Thus, the aim is to achieve a scientific leap and raise the quality of health work in these facilities and eliminate this problem.

This step comes in accordance within a series of steps and projects carried out by the Hama Health Directorate recently which targeted all health gaps in the province according to a realistic study. These steps fill these gaps through needs assessment to direct all its services in the right way. Moreover, the Directorate is recruiting the necessary staff for these projects as well as designing a medical training program and training workshops to be implemented in more than 15 medical fields targeting hundreds of health personnel in the province.

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