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The heavy shelling gets medical facilities out of service and others suspended and causing a major wave of displacement

The heavy shelling continues on several areas of Hama and Idlib Countrysides by the Syrian Regime and its allies causing tens of civilian deaths and injuries and the displacement of tens of thousands people to safer areas in the north and border areas with Turkey.

The heavy and constant shelling and the targeting of medical facilities and medical personnel have got two hospitals out of service in Hama. In addition, two primary health care centers and a medical point were damaged due to the direct targeting by missiles as well as work suspension in a number of health facilities and operating by the emergency plan in others.

In addition, one medical personnel was martyred and two nurses from the medical staff of Hama Health Directorate were injured in the course of their medical duty to help the injured and sick.

Ambulance teams with all their staff and human resources in Hama Province continue to provide medical aid and transfer patients to hospitals and medical points to provide them with medical services in the hospitals of the Directorate and other hospitals in Idlib Province under the difficult circumstances of repeated targeting of roads, health facilities, and ambulances.

Targeting medical facilities and getting them out of service as well as targeting ambulance teams and medical personnel, means stopping the provision of medical services to civilians, and thus causing great waves of displacement.

We at Hama Health Directorate affirm on the protection of medical personnel and facilities from shelling and targeting and neutralize them from the conflict. We assert that we are a humanitarian institution providing medical services to civilians.

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